IMG 8696 minHai iedereen, welkom bij Pod-cast-serie HOLDING SPACE van de Luisterschool,
Een inspirerende plek waar we delen en herinneren hoe essentieel Holding Space  is voor onze communicatie, heling, luisterkracht en het vinden van wijsheid en soul guidance.

Dit is de eerste episode van 6 podcast en deze eerste episode is in het engels, because of our quest, Altazar Rossiter. 
Altazar is a modern mystic with a deeply insightful intuitive ability. He is an holistic mentor and energy facilitator and a pioneer in Holding Space and Spiritual Intelligence. As such he identifies as a “SOURCERER”. I really really love that name…

I am so happy to talk to Altazar about the importance of Holding Space in the self-empowerment of self-alignment and why we have to reconnect with her in our daily life.

We talk about:
* Why Holding Space, embracing for all aspects of yourself (the good, the bad and the ugly) is essential for growing into yourself, despite you want to move away.
* How Holding Space for yourself guides you into a bigger concept of your being and that never looks like you think it will be. 
* Giving your energy permission to BE different, than you are Holding Space for yourself.
* Holding Space for yourself, than other people are at ease with you

Enjoy the medicine in this podcast. 

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Saskia and Altazar.

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Luisterschool:, ebook Holding Space is coming up

We love to share a poem written by Altazars's wife Rionach Aiken [another space-holder].

Rionach Aiken: Holding Space

I see you, soulful one.
‘I’m just holding space,’ you say.
As if you are not really ‘doing’ anything.
I see you, touching the shame,
the pain, the fear
Digging the foundations of your loving presence
deeper and wider.
I see you, willing to hold the world in your hands,
not looking away from the darkness,
not pretending to understand.
I see you, stretching beyond easy answers,
the mind-shutting rights and wrongs.
I see you stumbling on shaky legs
after uprooting the old ways.
Fumbling through the unknown
to find a truer home.
I see you, transformation leader.

I see your soul surfacing,
sharing its tender wisdom
in the space you’ve washed clear
with your own tears.
I see your devotion to your own unfolding.
The years of practice
so you can just hold space
as a ballerina just dances,
as a soprano just sings,
as a maestro just plays.
I see you, embracing it all
so you can just hold space
for love

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